Majda Zahirovic

During the week you’ll find me:

Working at Life Ready Physio Yokine, running through Kings Park, reading and/or watching anything to do with vampires

How are you looking after your one life and one body?

I like to exercise in some way every day. I am also a little bit of a health food freak (ice cream is considered a health food isn’t it?)

What’s your favourite way to exercise?

Running, yoga, and Pilates take up most of my exercise time.

What’s your daily go-to health habit?

Sleep! And lots of green tea

What’s your current health goal?

I’d love to be fitter! Run further, run faster and do a headstand in yoga

How do you relax?

Reading and watching trashy reality TV (but not the Kardashians)

What motivates you to be healthy?

There’s an element of self-satisfaction and pride in knowing you have done something good for your body.

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