Heather Snowdon

During the week you’ll find me:

Hanging around the pool at HBF Stadium (occasionally swimming laps, but chatting often) and working as a Physiotherapist at Life ready Physio Scarborough Beach. I have also been known to frequent the local cafes around life ready Scarborough 😉

How are you looking after your one life and one body?

I am a very keen open water swimmer which has me in the pool 5 times per week and at the gym twice. I also enjoy a walk or run along the coast. Having Coeliac disease my diet is forced to remain full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and I certainly feel better for it.

What’s your favourite way to exercise?

I love a swim in the ocean on a warm day, the fresh water and sunshine is an instant pick me up

What’s your daily go-to health habit?

I always start with a good healthy breakfast that includes some form of fruit – porridge with banana is a winter favourite which gets me through to lunch time. Preparing lunch at home to take with me to work (with healthy intentions) also saves making unhealthy choices when you suddenly realise you are starving!

What’s your current health goal?

To keep improving my fitness level and possibly beat my time in next years Rottnest Channel Swim.

How do you relax?

On a cold day I have a great couch that pulls out in to a futon, I love to chill out with a cup of tea and a blanket and catch up on a few tv episodes. If it’s nice outside then I love to read in the sun in my back garden or take a walk along the coast with some good music playing through my i-pod.

What motivates you to be healthy?

Having a goal or an event keeps me motivated. This year to keep me swimming through winter I signed up for a race in Hong Kong in October, and through the summer I train for the Rottnest channel swim.

I also like to get involved in different team events such as the Augusta Adventure Race and Busselton Half Ironman. I want to be the best I can be in these events and that takes training and preparation.

I know I feel better if I wake up and exercise before I go to work. I have more energy and can happily enjoy a bit of chocolate later (relatively guilt free!)

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