Feline Kautsky

During the week you’ll find me: 

Working full time at Life Ready South Perth, exercising, seeing my family and spending time with my boys (2 kittens).

How are you looking after your one life and one body?

I exercise about 5 times a week, try to eat healthy and limit my treats. I have also started making green shakes daily.

What’s your favourite way to exercise?

My favourite way to exercise is going for a long run along the coast. I also enjoy pump classes at the gym.

What’s your daily go-to health habit?

Exercise and my green shakes.

What’s your current health goal?

Run a half marathon next year.

How do you relax?

Go for a run outdoors or take my time cooking a nice meal with a feel good playlist on.

What motivates you to be healthy?

I love the way being healthy makes me feel and it gives me more energy.

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