Andrew Lange

During the week you’ll find me:

In the clinic at Life Ready Inglewood helping people achieve their own healthy goals and outdoors either on a football or baseball field.

How are you looking after your one life and one body?

I like to combine exercise of going for a run, going to the gym or doing some Pilates with playing  sports in baseball and footy. I also like to combine this with a balanced diet and keeping my brain healthy with mind games such as puzzles or Sudoku.

What’s your favourite way to exercise?

My favourite way to exercise is part of a group. Whether playing team sports or going to the gym with mates, I love the social aspect of exercise.

What’s your daily go-to health habit?

My two go-to healthy tips are:

  1. Always take the stairs when you can!
  2. Try and park your car further away than necessary to get more of a walk in (except when your sister is on crutches as she will just get angry)

What’s your current health goal?

To work with Katie Slipper to achieve a wall handstand

How do you relax?

I relax by going for a walk along the river/beach or by watching a funny movie.

What motivates you to be healthy?

The reason I like playing team sports is because I believe when a group of individuals train and work towards a common goal then better outcomes will be made. So my mates and teammates motivate me to remain healthy.

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