Clinical Pilates is a rehabilitation form of treatment focusing on restoring normal movement, posture and muscle balances within the body. This is targeted at specific areas to promote healing, to prevent re-injury and improve overall mobility and function.

Chronic Spinal Pain

If you suffer from ongoing back or neck pain its likely clinical Pilates exercises are for you. The exercises facilitate segmental spinal mobility meaning we get you to move at each segment of your spine, which will decrease stiffness and therefore pain.

Focus will also be on strengthening surrounding muscles and posture to offload pressure on the spine and prevent this stiffness/pain re-occurring.


Clinical Pilates is commonly used in athletes recovering from injury from initial rehab exercises to facilitating their return to sport. It is also used for preventing injuries by assessing athletes posture and movement and starting sport specific exercises to improve muscle balance and control in order to enhance performance and eliminate potential of injury.

Pre and Post Natal

During pregnancy there are changes in hormone levels, which effect posture and can result in musculoskeletal pain. To prevent this it is important to continue with gentle exercises, which your physio can provide you specific to your stage of pregnancy.

For new mothers clinical Pilates works on strengthening lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, which are weakened during pregnancy and birth.

Postural Retraining

The majority of aches and pains are caused from poor posture, but we all know it takes a lot of concentration to change your posture, which in reality rarely ends up happening!

By doing a regular class under the supervision of your physio, you will be able to strengthen yourself in this position and you will soon find it carries over into everyday life.

‘Core’ Strengthening

Whether you’re a gym junkie or you live a sedentary lifestyle your poor ‘core’ muscle control could be the cause of your frequent injuries. People can be strong in their global (bigger muscles) but still be weak through their local (smaller postural muscles.)

If these muscles aren’t working properly to hold your body in a good position, you then take more stress through the ligaments and joints increasing the risk of injuring them.

Pre and Post Surgery

Before surgery it is beneficial to strengthening surrounding muscles as they can assist your body during recovery. Following surgery the muscles at your incision site are weakened and you may have decreased movement through the area. Clinical Pilates rehabilitation will help strengthening these muscles and assist you to a speedy recovery.

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