Knee pain can range from a mild niggling pain to a severe debilitating pain, and regardless of the level of pain there is always something that can be done to help.

The most common overuse injury in the lower limb is Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome (commonly referred to as “runners knee”). The use of the term ‘overuse’ may be a bit misleading as while this is a common injury that occurs because of too much exercise and too much load, it is also caused from not exercising enough and not enough load.

So how do we overcome pain in the knee?

Pain in the knee is often caused by a number of factors including weakness through the hips and pelvis, poor muscle balance through the knee itself, poor flexibility and poor foot mechanics. This can make it hard to tell you exactly what to do to stop your pain.

With this in mind, seeking expert advice from a Physiotherapist, who can assess the way that you load your knee and give you a clear idea of what you are doing to cause pain in your knee, is important.

Some people need massage and mobilisations to improve their muscle flexibility and joint movement. While others need taping to correct their knee position or foot mechanics, and nearly all people need strengthening to correct their muscle imbalances and correct the way that they’re loading through the knees.

Remember that the exercises you need may not be just for the knee itself but might involve your back, hips and pelvis or even calves and feet.

Keeping up the exercise program that your physiotherapist gives you is vital, because unfortunately a lot of people stop doing their programs once the pain improves, which means that the pain is likely to reoccur and the problem causing the pain was never properly fixed.

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