Finding it hard to lift? Is bending the elbow a stiff and painful process? Can’t hit that tennis ball without an “ouch”?

Elbow pain is a very common condition, and the many structures of the elbow mean there’s a number of things that may be causing your pain. The journey to overcoming this pain starts with a thorough assessment of the region in question, and it’s imperative that you get the right diagnosis before commencing any type of treatment.

Here are a few steps to guide that process of solving your elbow issue

See a health practitioner

They will assess your condition and determine the complexity of the pain. If you see a physiotherapist, they will assess the area thoroughly and apply evidence based treatment for the condition.

This may be in the form of soft tissue manipulation, brace prescription and commencement of an exercise program. If scans are required or the injury is complex they will refer you to your doctor for assistance with your management.



If you’ve followed conservative medical and physiotherapy treatment and there is no improvement to your elbow condition, a referral to a specialist is required to assist with further management.


Medical treatments

There is a variety of medical treatment that can assist in improving your elbow pain and the following treatments are usually performed in combination with physiotherapy:

  • Use of pain medication or anti-inflammatories
  • Ultrasound guided cortisone injections
  • Botox injections
  • Autologous Blood Injections
  • Nitric Oxide Patches
  • Plasma Rich Protein Injections
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