How many times do we hear people complaining of knee pain or how often do we complain of knee pain ourselves? I know that I certainly have over the years…

Often we try and push through the pain and just accept that a bit of pain every so often is normal. But let me tell you that NO, knee pain is not normal and you don’t have to keep putting up with that pain.

As a physio, the most common knee injury I see is commonly known as ‘runners knee’, which we like to call Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome. This is the most common overuse injury of the lower limb.

The term ‘runners knee’ is a bit misleading given that the injury often occurs in the sedentary population who may never have run a day in their life. Runner’s knee can lead to pain, usually around the front of the knee or kneecap and usually occurs due to a muscular imbalance anywhere from the hip down to the foot.

It’s really important to get assessed early to figure out the exact cause of your pain and where the pain is coming from, and remember that even though the pain might be in the knee, the cause of that pain could be somewhere completely different.

Knee Arthritis is another common cause of knee pain, usually, but not always, in the older population (>50 years of age). This condition causes pain, weakness, stiffness and sometimes swelling due to wear and tear of the knee cartilage. Like in runner’s knee this will usually occur with a muscular imbalance that, if dealt with properly, can be substantially improved with correct physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation to correct these muscular imbalances.

Remember that you do not have to put up with knee pain and that with proper assessment, treatment and rehabilitation your pain will improve. Most injuries in the knee come down to a muscle imbalance (not always directly around the knee) causing inappropriate loading through the knee joint or kneecap and then pain. Get in and get assessed by your physiotherapist sooner rather than later!

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