Correct posture means the optimal upright position of the body against gravity. It is the way we hold ourselves in sitting, standing or during movement.

So why is it so important to have good posture?

Decreased pain

Incorrect posture means we take more stress onto our joints and ligaments, which over time can cause inflammation and pain. By correcting our posture this decreases the stress on our joints and therefore offloads painful parts of our body meaning we are less likely to keep getting those aches and pains.

Improved physical function

By having the correct alignment of our joints this increases the efficiency of our muscles that attach to them and in turn giving us better available movement. This is then going to improve our ability to perform everyday tasks as well as improving sporting performance.

Decreases Injury

Having our spines stacked up properly with the natural spinal curves allows load that is placed on the body to be evenly distributed amongst each piece of the spine, rather than taking the pressure through one point.

Overtime this pressure can lead to wear and tear on those joints likely leading to injury. This is why it is important to sit up straight at your desk!

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