It is that time of year again. The sun is out and you feel the energy of spring. So you take the plunge and go for a run, or maybe you sign up for a social sport or maybe you go to your wardrobe and pull out your favourite ‘spring’ outfit, only to realise it doesn’t quite fit as well as it did last spring… It’s a bit tighter and not in a good way! It’s about now that you think to yourself…

“If only I had been exercising!”


So what is the secret, how do you keep going through winter, or any other season for that matter? How is it that exercise can become as habitual to you as brushing your teeth in the morning?

This is not an impossible dream, it is very realistic and we have 5 steps you can follow to get you there.

  1. Be clear on why it is important to you
    This could be a goal, an event to train for or simply acknowledging what you value about having a fit and healthy body.
  2. Join a group
    This helps to keep you accountable, break down your barriers of what you believe is possible and it is far more enjoyable.
  3. Have a plan
    Each week, set out the times that you want to exercise, ensuring it is realistic. We encourage consistency; doing a little every day is better than doing a whole lot once a week. Schedule in a minimum of just 10 mins exercise each day to get you started.
  4. Be clear on the reward and celebrate your success once a month
    Remember this celebration needs to be earned. This is not an excuse for indulgent behaviour to make yourself feel better for what you haven’t been doing!!
  5. Have FUN
    You don’t need to be smiling the whole workout, but there should be an element of it that you enjoy, for example the socialising, the music, the specific activity and even the challenge.
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