It’s spring, I need to get fit for summer!

It’s getting lighter and warmer in the mornings/evenings, time to get fit and active again.

Sound familiar? It does to me too… Whatever motivation you have, it’s all good. Go with it!

Here are a couple of tips for getting started this spring:

You have to find an activity or training style that you enjoy.

If you are enjoying your training sessions, you are far more likely to keep going. Here are some great ways to enjoy being active.

  • Train with a friend/group of friends or find a group that would love to have you join them. Training buddies keep you going by encouraging you when it’s tough, and you can do the same for them. You will find that you can train harder and for longer with a buddy or in a group.
  • Try something new! Is there an activity or sport you’ve always wanted to try? Do it, it might become your new fitness love!
  • Reward yourself for keeping up with your training, and no I don’t mean with a trip to a certain fine chocolate outlet! It may be new clothes, a new CD or new training shoes. Why not create yourself a training star chart with a star for every session you do, 12 stars in the month = hellooooo shops! (hmmm, can you tell that I’m a mum?)
  • Catch up socially with your training group. Visit the local raw produce store or meet up for coffee together. A crew that plays together stays together!

Whatever you do, get back into your new activity or training slowly!

Don’t think that you can jump straight back into the same weights, speed, intensity and frequency of training that you were doing last time you had been training. You need to give your body time to adjust to training again; otherwise it’s a trip to the physio for you! Your brain might be ready and willing to hit it hard, but you have to give your body time to get back into it.

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