Larger than New York’s Central Park and London’s Hyde Park, Perth’s Kings Park is packed full of walking trails for hikers of all level to explore.

Botanic Garden Discovery Walk

Choose between the short walk, which is 20 minutes one-way and 40 minutes round trip, or the 80 minute long walk with the latter covering the Federation Walkway, Pioneer Women’s Memorial Fountain and Water Garden.

Federation Walkway

Stretching 620 metres and featuring a 52-metre suspension bridge up amongst the tall eucalypt trees, the Federation Walkway provides walkers with unique views of the Perth city skyline.

Law Walk

Covering 2.5kms, the Law Walk is a signed loop with information on the areas bushland and conservation efforts. Walkers can expect some steep sections and around 45 minutes to complete the full loop.

Kokoda Track Memorial Walk

A tribute to the Australian troops who fought in Papua New Guinea between 1942 and 1943, the walk features 150 steps and an incline of 62 metres, and once at the top, follow the plaques to the State War Memorial.

Bushland Nature Trail

Roughly a 25-minute walk, the trail is an easy 1km loop with high quality paths including areas of raised boardwalks.

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