Welcome to the One life. One body. website!

I’m Ben Trinh, CEO of Life Ready Physio and I’m really excited that you’re on board with the One life. One body. movement.

We’re a young growing WA-owned health group passionate about moving people to their best quality of life, and the purpose behind One life. One body. is to encourage each and every person to take hold of, and look after their one life and one body.

This site, which features content from a wide range of WA’s industry leading health experts, has been put together with that exact purpose in mind. This is a passion of ours and we know we’re not alone so we’d love to share every step of this journey with anyone who wants to be involved!

It’s our hope that you will find value, inspiration and helpful information on the site, and that it can play a role in your happiness and health.

Let’s do this together.